Lovingly Handcrafted Silk Products


"The Women Behind The Beads"

We work with a group of extremely talented Cambodian women who put their heart and time into creating lovingly handcrafted silk products.

Through the hard work of these women and a network of passionate volunteers, Tabitha Foundation Singapore has found a way of combining beautiful products and those in need.

216,040 items were sold by Tabitha Foundation Singapore since 2008 and still counting.


"My name is Pun Huoy Ngim and I am 48 years old. I have two kids. I have been working with Tabitha Cambodia since October 2003.

Before getting a job with Tabitha, I had a very poor life. We had nothing. My husband and I worked hard to provide daily living such as my child's education, meals, water, electricity, especially medical expenses. Day after day, our life became more and more difficult. My husband was sick and died 7 years ago.

Our family didn’t have a motorbike nor our own house. Tabitha Cambodia employed me as part of the Cottage Industry Programme. From that day, my life changed from day to day.

Tabitha made my dreams come true. First, we dreamt to get our motorbike. After 5 years of hard work, we were able to buy a motorbike for our family. After 7 years, we bought some land and built a small house to live in. Without Tabitha I don’t know what it would have been like for a single mother like me.

I really appreciate Tabitha Cambodia, especially Janne Ritskes, who is the Founder and Director, and came here many years ago to support Cambodians."


"My name is Thou Maly and I am 46 years old. My family and I have been employed by Tabitha Cambodia since 2003. Before working with Tabitha, we had a very difficult life. Most of our income would be used to buy daily food, pay for monthly house rent and for medical expenses. We dreamt of having a small house for our family.

After I got a job with Tabitha, my life became much better. Tabitha made my dreams came true. I was able to buy our own house and have enough money to support our family and especially my children's education.

I want to say thank you to Janne Ritskes and Tabitha Cambodia for supporting our country, myself and my family."