Nokor Tep Women's Hospital



- Nokor Tep Women's Hospital is able to accommodate up to 180 patients. It's built over 5 floors with a total of 24,000 sq m -

In May 2010, founder Janne Ritskes was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, she was in Cambodia, her adopted country, and couldn't find a reliable source of treatment there.

Healthcare and services available to women in Cambodia are among the poorest in Asia. 85% of women face challenges gaining access to medical care and 90% of women over age 14 suffer from undiagnosed gynaecological infections, cysts or cancers.

Janne was then determined to alleviate the intrinsic problem by building a hospital dedicated to women. Over the year she underwent treatment, the idea was refined with her co-founders, HE Ing Kantha Pavi and HE Trac Thai Sieng. That's how the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital project began.

The vision was to have a women's hospital that is focused on gynaecological issues and women's cancers, thereby alleviating the silent suffering of the vast majority of women in Cambodia.

The hospital officially opened on March 18, 2019 providing gynaecological medical care to all women until COVID disrupted operations.

Latest Update

The Cambodian government, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Samdech Techo Hun Sen, searched for the means to treat the people affected by COVID-19. In that search, he asked the Tabitha founders for permission to use Nokor Tep Women's Hospital for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The Prime Minister requested that Tabitha sell the facilities to the government so that after the pandemic, the hospital will become a public hospital - a hospital to be used by all Cambodians.

Tabitha's new vision is to purchase land and build a new Nokor Tep Women's Hospital, complete with equipment for the women of Cambodia. The sale of the current hospital is under negotiation for this new vision to occur.

Stand with the women of Cambodia