We are hiring! Interested?  We need a new Sales Operations Manager! 😁😁

Tabitha Foundation Singapore is looking for someone to join our team of volunteer super stars!⭐

We are seeking a Sales Operations Manager to help our pop-up events run more smoothly.  This role is pivotal in our organisation as we ramp up events post-COVID. 

You will be responsible for getting our products to retail venues on time, coordinating and training other volunteers on our point of sale system and getting our lovely silk items back safely to our stockroom ready for the next sale!

We are looking for someone who:

-Loves to be organised
-Has great interpersonal skills to help with selling our lovely silk items
-Is able to coordinate our group of volunteers

-Has great collaboration skills and a positive attitude 

What you will get from this role - great satisfaction you are helping women and their families in Cambodia. In addition you will work with a group of like-minded, passionate and friendly volunteers!

Please email vicepresident@tabithasingapore.com to apply or to find out more information.