The International Australian School Parent Association (AISPA) collaborated on a very special project with Tabitha recently. It was an opportunity for a young person to design a product for Tabitha and see it being developed and manufactured by Tabitha Cambodia and eventually become sold as part of Tabitha's permanent collection.
The winning design, won by Elsa Thomas, Grade 12 student of AIS. Elsa designed an adjustable headband which she is wearing and will be sold at AIS's upcoming Mother's day event in May. Well done Elsa! She is joined by Ngaire, AISPA's President and Megan, AISPA's Vice President (in photo).
Watch this space to see Elsa's headband become Tabitha's newest product available for you to purchase!
The “Design for Tabitha” Competition is a special collaborative initiative with a selection of International schools in Singapore.
The competition is judged on the product being an affordable price and selling price, easy to make (by Tabitha Cambodia), target audience to be pre teens, teens and teachers. The winning design will be made into an actual sample or prototype whereby it will be sold and eventually made part of Tabitha’s permanent collection.