The Family Savings programme is at the heart of Tabitha’s work and it is best described as community development focused on families. It educates and encourages families to save money. Participation in the programme is a prerequisite for Cambodians to take part in any of the other Tabitha programmes.​​



How Does It Work

Prior to the start of the savings programme, Tabitha staff members help families to develop a vision of a better life and each family decides what will be their savings goal. After that, the money is collected by the local Tabitha staff and returned at the end of each 10-week saving cycle.

The family is then encouraged to purchase their first “dream” - which may range from bare essentials such as a blanket, cooking pots and clothing to items that create additional opportunities to generate income (livestock, fishing net or sewing machine).

Families quickly see the benefits that savings bring and, before long, can afford bigger items that increase their opportunity to earn income, such as a bicycle, a battery, or by setting up a small business. This, in turn, allows the family to steadily increase their savings.

Tabitha’s relationship with a family will last for 5 to 7 years. This allows them to break the cycle of poverty and graduate to financial independence.