Dear Friends and Partners,

Today’s newsletter is a little different. I have written my memoirs of 25 years of my work setting up Tabitha Cambodia and its programs. I could have written 10 books of the past 25 years but that’s not feasible. The book will tell you about why Cambodia, my values and principles of what and how I chose to do Tabitha; about when I did it and about who I worked with and how that happened.

Hopefully, it will answer some of your questions about who I am and why I did this.

It’s a book about all of us. It’s a book written with the encouragement and editing help of Yolanda Henry and the editing services of David and Audrey Meadows. I thank you so very much!

The book is now available on - Here
and on Barnes and - Here.

E-book versions will be available in two weeks’ time.

We have set up a Facebook page for the book: Janne Ritskes Author - Here.

Do like this Facebook page to follow the updates.
I would invite each of you who have come to Cambodia to send me your memory plus a couple of pictures to my address at I will upload your memory so that others can read and enjoy your experience.
I am so thankful to my God for this book, for my years in Cambodia, for each of my staff and for each of you. It is so very good.