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Regardless of the level of involvement you seek, there is a number of ways to support Tabitha’s programs in Cambodia. One of the most gratifying things about helping Tabitha is how much impact can be achieved with even a small donation.

Donors and supporters range widely, from individuals and families, groups of friends to companies and organizations who with their contributions help improve the life of thousands of Cambodian families each year. Whether it is the sponsorship of Family Partnerships, the funding new water wells, helping families to buy and raise a set of piglets, or hands-on house building activities. There are many ways to make an impact.

We welcome your involvement at any level and thank you for your support!

Current Volunteer Vacancies

FALL 2018


The Stockroom Coordinator and the Stock Administrator will be integral members of the Tabitha Silk Committee comprised of the Silk Sales Manager and Tabitha Treasurer.  Working closely with our dedicated Stockroom Team both roles are based at the Tabitha stockroom located at UWCSEA Dover.  Please contact or to express your interest and learn more about these opportunities.


- Liase with Stock Administrator and Sales Manager to ensure adequate stock is ordered from Tabitha Cambodia (“TC”) for upcoming sales events and special orders
- Support Stock Administrator in processing inventory and orders received from TC
- Coordinate and assist Stockroom Team in processing and managing inventory shipments received from TC ensuring that it is properly received, unpacked, labeled and logged.  General hours for this responsibility are Mondays from 10:00AM to 2:00PM

Sales Events
- In coordination with Sales Manager and Stock Administrator, prepare all stock requirements for sales events including packaging, labelling, and return of unsold inventory post-sale
-  Facilitate organization and delivery of necessary set-up equipment prepared and packed for each Sale
-  Arrange for transport of sales merchandise, equipment and supplies including collection of stock from Stockroom, delivery to sales venue, collection of unsold stock at end of sale and delivery back to Stockroom
-  Process special orders from sales and individual requests and liaise with Silk Sales Manager for delivery and collection of payment

General Stockroom Administration
-  Coordinate and work alongside Stockroom Team
-  Manage all onsite sales at Stockroom including invoicing, cash management and reconciliation with Tabitha Treasurer. 
- Manager and order ink for printer and labels for bar codes when needed.
- Manager Stockroom general stationery and stock packaging – plastic bags, various tapes, etc.


- Order Silk Products from Tabitha Cambodia for Sales Events and Special Orders in coordination with Stockroom Coordinator and Sales Manager
- Manage all delivery details of orders/shipments received from Tabitha Cambodia
- Support Stockroom Coordinator and Stockroom Team in inventory management of Order/Shipment Received from Tabitha Cambodia

Sales Events
- Organize Stock for Sales Events (pre- and post-sales events) in coordination with Silk Sales Manager and liaise with Stockroom Coordinator for the necessary packaging for sales event.
-  In coordination with Sales Manager and Stockroom Coordinator ensure adequate stock requirements for sales events and return of unsold inventory post-sale


Tabitha is seeking a graphic designer to support occasional projects throughout the year. Timing and work hours are flexible.

For more information on these roles please contact:


We are currently looking for a new accounting firm to handle our annual audit requirements for Tabitha Foundation (Singapore) and Nokor Tep Society (Singapore).  The firm or individual performing the audits must be registered as a Public Accountant in Singapore.

To maximize the funds that go directly to supporting the missions of Tabitha and NokorTep we would ideally like to find a firm that would be willing to complete the audit work pro bono or at a reduced fee.

Please contact Nicole Krause at if you know of a firm or individual that may be able to assist. 

Thank you!


Corporate Support

We welcome volunteers to the Tabitha programs, and for our cottage products sales events in Singapore. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you on how you may help.
If you would like to know more generally about the work of Tabitha from a corporate point of view, please email ​ .

If putting together a team for house building interests you, please email in the first instance.
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Silk Sales
Come and visit us at our Silk Sales.  You will not only get the chance to buy some beautiful silk products made by our lovely women in Cambodian, but you will also get the chance to meet our very enthusiastic volunteers.  They will be only to happy to tell your more about the impact that Tabitha has on families in Cambodia.

Dates of upcoming Silk Sales are posted on our home page,   facebook  & Twitter.

Mailing List
Make sure you are on our mailing list - that way we can keep in touch and let you know about events that we are planning. It is also a great way to read the latest reports from Janne Ritskes in Cambodia. 

​​To register, please drop us a quick message here.