1. Katia Melazzi
    Katia Melazzi
    Following my experience as Vice President & Communications Lead, I have now the privilege and honour to be leading Tabitha Singapore as President. I know I have big boots to fill, but I am looking forward to the challenge and to continuing our predecessors' good work, helping to facilitate the great programmes which make life just that little bit better for so many people in Cambodia. Indeed, there are so many worthy causes to support in Singapore but Tabitha is a charity that is definitely making a difference. Tabitha gives hope to some of the most destitute of Cambodia’s people in achieving sustainable and dignified livelihoods. The statistics are of great proportions, the Foundation has helped 4 million of the poorest Cambodians to raise themselves from poverty to self-sufficiency. I cannot recommend Tabitha highly enough to anyone willing to give back to the community in a truly rewarding way.
  2. Ceri Wheeler
    Ceri Wheeler
    Vice President
  3. Sheetal Khullar
    Sheetal Khullar
  4. Ascension Tejedor
    Ascension Tejedor
In addition to the Executive, we have a ​​​members committee who meet on a regular basis.

Communications Lead - Renée Gallant
Schools Co-ordinator - Fiona Davies
Silk Sales Manager - Louise White
Stockroom Coordinator - Nivia Galizia
Stock Administrator - Justine Vo
Volunteers Co-ordinator - Sarah Simmonds