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October 2018

Dear Friends and Partners,

​I don’t often recognize all the volunteers who are an integral part of Tabitha and Nokor Tep.  I want to recognise people - both men and women - who give up their time -share with us their talents - who walk with us every step of the way. I would like to recognize all our foundations in Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Netherlands and Hong Kong.

In late September I visited our foundation in the UK – both London and Aberdeen. It was a very busy 10 days, talking at various schools and several events. How good it was to have a high tea with friends whom I met in Singapore – to have a wine and cheese in Aberdeen with a foursome of very close friends –sharing the work and sharing the fun. The quiz night in London was so good – met old friends and made new ones. For once I was on a team that did not end up last.

Not to be outdone – Singapore is putting on a Bubbles and Blings event October 23 {love this event for its laughter and chatter} - Hong Kong has a quiz night this coming November 8 – in Melbourne, Australia, a fun casino night on October 20 – The Ridethon - where cyclists pedal 1000 kilometers will arrive at the hospital on November 11 – in the Netherlands a big event is planned for December 8th – an event I will attend and rejoice in for this is my birth country. Always something special going on, Do follow all our foundations so that you can attend or support efforts on our behalf and have fun doing so!

It’s not just the events that make it all work – it’s the energy put in by our volunteers to write grants for us, - to send receipts to donors and transfer all funds on a monthly basis. They read our reports and keep us in line. The endless sales of our cottage industry products – a special thank you to our ladies in Singapore and their tireless efforts on our behalf – and to all our foundations for always thinking of new ways to sell the goods.  

Tabitha/ NKT Singapore

These are special people – people who give of themselves without receiving a stipend – who give of themselves to the people we work with in Cambodia, the best time is when they come to Cambodia and meet those whom they have stood beside – new families and continuing families - families who have moved past their need for us.
People ask me – how can you do all this? It is because of the people in our foundations around the world. I thank my God for each one of them – for their service and commitment – you are special. My prayer is always that each one of you receive the blessings you bring to so many here. Special hugs are sent your way.


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