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June 2018

Dear Friends and Partners,

June – a month when spring brings refreshing rains and new growth spurts in part of our world – in other parts of our world, June heralds the onset of cold weather, a time of rest for all that grows. May in Cambodia is as predictable as ever – hot and sunny unless it rains and then it is hot and wet.

We have a number of house building teams come in all kinds of weather – the heat is overwhelming – the lack of electricity and water on site leaves the volunteers gasping – but – they don’t quit. They continue to build and at the end of the day – families have a home.

Click and see our tribute to house builders:

All of you who house build leave me in a state of wonder. It is not easy to come to a strange country – a country where the weather is never predictable – a country that has different customs and culture. You come with a desire to serve – you work hard in difficult circumstances – you do so with grace and humility – you leave having gained more than you gave. How good that is!

I am amazed by those of you who manage to mangle your thumbs; or scrape your skin – or receive a slice from the famous tin that requires stitches- there is never a murmur – never a complaint – you are shy to show me your wounds – you do not talk of it unless I ask.

I am in wonder of the students that come – young people as young as 12 – you listen attentively to the history of the country – you go reluctantly to see the genocide museum and the Killing fields – I know it gives some of you nightmares – I am touched by the respect you show to the families after you have understood – the grace with which you work – despite being tired and developing blisters – you make me so proud.

I am in awe of the age groups that come – house builders as young as 5 – who never throw a tantrum or complain on site – rather you continue to struggle to hit that nail. I am awestruck by those of you who are aging so wonderfully – still young and active at 81 – the bones do creak and it’s not easy getting up and down – but you are a great model for us who are younger. I envy you – and pray I may be like you when I reach your age. I marvel at all the ages in between – you make me laugh – you encourage all of us – you are a wonderful tapestry of God’s best – I love you all.

I thank my God for each of you - for being you – for being your best when you come to build. You make me a better person but more importantly than that – you bring hope and pride to people who are struggling – to people for whom life is very difficult. Thank you for that gift.


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