Newsletters 2018

Nokor Tep - June 2018

​​Dear friends and partners,​​
The past few days have been special for us at Nokor Tep – we have had several sets of visitors visit the site. Their comments lifted our souls – comments like how spacious it is, how beautiful the colors: how good the atrium looks, how beautiful the floors, - what a wonderful place for our women to come.

We move continuously towards the completion of the hospital – after my last news letter – two donors came forth with funds for the atriums – the small one complete – the big one well under way.

We received funds for about a third of the doors and windows needed – a couple of toilets - pipes being installed – how good that is.

The colors are on each floor – one wing painted so we can be sure it is good – warm inviting colors – colors of peace – we need your help to be able to buy all that we need.


And now we have added another item to the list – solar panels – enough to be able to run the entire hospital including the big machines – such a cost effective and energy saving way to help our women. We need 2140 panels with equipment to be able to do this - each panel cost $250 USD, a huge challenge but one that will make us financially sustainable within a few years.

Another very exciting aspect is the preparation of our warehouse rooms in the basement – containers of donated goods are beginning to arrive. Preparation of our transformer and UPS rooms - which are arriving very soon – will allow us to be able to fully install safe electrical currents.

I am so very thankful to my God for all of these blessings – beginning to see the end of construction and moving to a new phase of outfitting – how good is that.

I am so thankful to my God that we have set the final date for our opening – no longer a soft opening but will be an opening where Nokor Tep has begun to function as a hospital – the date is March 18, 2019 – a year later than the soft opening  but this extra year has made it a reality.

​I thank my God for each of you – for standing with us in so many ways – for being patient and hopeful – for making it happen. How good that is!


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