Tabitha Foundation Cambodia is a sustainable non-profit organization which was initiated, founded and established in 1994 by Ms .Janne Ritskes. Since then, it has worked with over 1.8 million Cambodians in the country's poorest communities. Tabitha's philosophy of self-help is designed to promote self-sufficiency and dignity through savings, counselling, and goal-setting programs. 

Families typically graduate from Tabitha programs within five to seven years with food for their children, clean water to drink, shelter and a source of income. More importantly, they would achieve a sense of dignity that allows them to look to the future with hope for their families. Tabitha Singapore was established in 2002 to support the mission and programs of Tabitha Cambodia.​​
Home of Tabitha Foundation Cambodia
​​Today 75% of all Cambodians still have no access to clean water or a safe place to sleep, and eat only one basic meal per day. 

That is why 100% of financial contributions received by Tabitha Singapore are remitted directly to Tabitha Cambodia. All money raised by the sale of Tabitha silk products is also remitted to Cambodia. A small amount of costs is incurred in shipping the products and making them ready for sale.
Beautiful silk products produced by Tabitha Cambodia
​​Tabitha Singapore has no paid employees. The board and members work on a voluntary basis. As noted above, the primary goals of Tabitha Singapore are in direct support of Tabitha Cambodia and include:​

  • ​Encouraging and facilitating fundraising to support Tabitha Cambodia
  • Encouraging volunteer house-building teams to work with Tabitha Cambodia
  • Developing a network of organizations (schools, companies, etc.) that support Tabitha
  • Facilitating corporate sponsorships, including team-building programs
  • Seeking opportunities for Tabitha Cambodia to sell its cottage industry products in Singapore

In Singapore, Tabitha has over 1,000 supporters as well as a number of organizations who support us on a regular basis. We are proud of the support given to us and are fully committed to help achieve the goals of our foundation.

Tabitha Singapore is a non-profit organization and a member of the Register of Societies in Singapore (ROS 0253/2003).

Audited financial statements are available to all members or interested parties on request. In addition to the funds recorded in Tabitha Singapore's audited accounts a number of organizations remit their financial contributions directly to Tabitha Cambodia.